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Work & Study services
Work & Study services
Work & Study services
Yes Study Education Group Inc.

Work & Study services

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  1. Travel visa application 
  2. Visitor Visa --> Study Visa 
  3. Airport pickup - drop-off
  4. Homestay service
  5. Renting service
  6. *Job placement guaranteed after graduate 
  7. Work permit after graduate 
  8. Visa extension 
  9. Study permit extension
  10. Study in Canada & USA (income or CES)
  11. Work Permit








  • Thủ tục hồ sơ visa du lịch 
  • Thủ tục hồ sơ visa du học Canada, Mỹ tại các trường Highschool (public and private), trường tiếng anh pathway, College, University, vừa học vừa làm ( 6 month study and 6 month coop working)
    • Chứng Minh Tài Chính 
    • CES 
  • Đổi visitor visa thành study visa
  • Đưa đón sân bay 
  • Tìm nhà
  • Homestay 
  • Tư vấn và chuyển trường tại Canada ( free – chỉ thu application fee của trường)
  • Xin việc làm sau khi graduate: interview training, job landing, interview landing
  • Xin work permit sau khi graduate, extend visa, extend study permit 













Disclaimer: By accepting the services, you agree that the service provider (Yes Study) is the party who is fully responsible & accountable for the services and outcomes you receive. You can compliment on excellent services/products  in review comment  below or report any negative business activities to These services (International Student Services) are provided and certified by Yes Study.

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