Heartfelt Confessions: A Gay Romance (Private Eyes Book 3)

Heartfelt Confessions: A Gay Romance (Private Eyes Book 3)

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Detective Raymond Knott has secretly been in love with his former partner for years. When working an unsolved case brings them back together, he wonders if it’s time to lay his heart on the line.

For over ten years, private investigator Raymond Knott has harbored deep feelings of desire for police captain Liam Ferguson. From the moment they first met, the attraction was intense. But despite laying their lives on the line for one another every day, he never had the courage open up.

When the San Francisco Police Department needs help bringing down a serial killer, Liam invites his old partner back to help him one last time. Not only to get a criminal off the streets, but because he has a revelation of his own to make.

Heartfelt Confessions is a heart-racing tale of love and devotion. With decades of pent up tension, this story is full of passionate encounters and graphic details! 18+ only please.

Find out what happens when two men admit their love by picking up your copy today!