Professionals' marketplace. Local products & experts
Professionals' marketplace. Local products & experts

About us

About company:

LYSON MEDIA™ is the official media platform & marketplace for the city's brands™ (and for local talents, professionals, independent contractors, freelancers)

We are the owner & the guardian of:

LYSON MEDIA™ is the authorized media & official ecommerce platform; and support foundation  for Canadian Rideshare (Uber/Lyft/InstaRyde/Facedrive...) and all other independent contractors; freelancers, professionals, based in Toronto, CANADA 🇨🇦

People are the key to our success. Our professionalism has been formed by local talents, professionals & partners. Our success is based on trust, great value & strong partnership.


How do we define “Strong Partnership”:

win - win - win - win - win      (Partnership & cooperation chain)

(Our platform - Yours - Customers - Clients - Partners)

(only one single chain is weak or incomplete, the whole chains system won’t last)


( Over 4000 daily active Canadian Rideshare (Uber/Lyft/...) members. More than 40000 active followers & customers & clients & partners in Toronto & Canada )




career opportunities 



Our multi-vendor partnership and cooperation are worldwide. Please submit partnership request; as well as report any intellectual property or business concerns to our operation team ( 


Thank you


Toronto - CANADA