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Class Action Love: An MM Romance
by Peter Styles (Author)

Class Action Love: An MM Romance

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I thought I was prepared for any curveball life threw my way…but Jimmy Swan might be more than I can handle.

It’s not that I’m shocked to find myself fixated on a one night stand. Aloof, gruff and looks damn good naked aren’t exactly dealbreakers for me. Not to mention every single thing I learn about the man just checks off another box on my personal list of things guaranteed to make me feel warm fuzzies. And I, as a general rule, do not do warm fuzzy feelings.

And it’s not that our initial hook-up was less than ideal. Sure, I’d like to remember actually meeting Jimmy and whatever it was I said to get him into bed. Instead of, y’know, having been so hammered I had to fake my way through the morning after. Whatever, I never claimed to be a saint.

And it’s not even that my second encounter with the man was walking into work to negotiate a new merger with Boston branch leader “Mr. God I Wish I Could Remember The Sex I Had With You”…aka Jimmy Swan.

But with everything combined? Even years as a marketing executive can’t come up with a spin other than extremely complicated to put on that curveball.

Go big or go home has always been my personal mantra though. I’ve just got to figure out the perfect pitch to convince Jimmy Swan I’m a catch, and not just a drunken mistake.

Because complicated or not, I’ve got no intention of going home from this merger alone.

This 50,000 word novel is a sizzling story of business meeting pleasure both in the boardroom and under the sheets. These men don’t hold back and neither do these pages, so please be eighteen years and up when reading!

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